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Epping Forest – Our Stunning Setting

Epping Forest in the south-east of England and is situated between the borders of north-east London and Essex.

A magnificent ancient woodland and former Royal Forest, Epping Forest is now managed by the City of London Corporation. This is at no cost to the taxpayer.

At the most southern Epping Forest touches Forest Gate and continues for 12 miles to Epping. This consists of rivers, heathland, grasslands and of course woodland.

The forest is elevated along a ridge between two rivers, the River Roding and the River Lea.  The area has so much to offer to do and below we list just two that are very popular.

Epping Forest For Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking In Epping ForestTo get the real Mountain Bike trails within London, then you’ll have to head to Epping Forest.

There are many fabulous single track bike trails within the forest indeed some of the best you’ll find in the South-East and London. But, you have to know where to look.

If you live in Essex, London or Hertfordshire it’s very easy to reach Epping Forest by train or indeed a car. Car parking is available in numerous parts of the forest.

Trains from Liverpool to Chingford or the Central Line to a number of stations (Loughton & Epping being just two).

You can use the bike trails in all seasons although extremely muddy in winter (and summer with the UK weather!) and full of undergrowth in summer, the trails are fast and furious.

When you’ve fully exhausted yourself why not visit our superb GASTRO PUB for a bite to eat and replenish those fluids.

A number of mountain bike clubs have sprung up the ESSEX & HERTS MTB is just one of many clubs using our beautiful Epping Forest.

Epping Forest For Walking & Running

The Corporation of London looks after over 20 miles of surfaced trails and in excess of 6,000 acres of forest.

Obviously, this gives the visitor a huge amount of choice to visit and take advantage of the facilities. You can stroll and of course run, in fact, many marathon runners use Epping Forest trails to train for their distance running.

With the most beautiful scenery including many lakes, Epping Forest is a must visit if you live in Essex, London or Hertfordshire.

If you decide to visit our beautiful Forest home, don’t be a stranger, drop into the Kings Oak Hotel and visit our superb GASTRO PUB.

The forest is open access, which means that you can either follow one of the nine way-marked trails or get adventurous and strike out off the beaten track.

Access for all

Many of the Epping Forest surfaced paths are suitable for visitors with disabilities.

There are four dedicated easy access paths at High Beach, Connaught Water, Knighton Wood and Jubilee Pond.

You can find out more about areas of the forest that may be accessible by going to the CITY OF LONDON WEBSITE.